SWIS values and guiding principals

As well as service standards, we at SWIS believe that values are fundamental principles that guide behavior and provide direction in making decisions. Adhering to common values ensures consistency and effectiveness despite the uniqueness of an individual client’s needs or circumstances.

The following values and guiding principles used the Settlement Counselors’ “Values and Guiding Principles of the Settlement Sector”, as a template that has been modified for the SWIS staff.

SWIS aim to provide services that are: .

      • Client Centered – The individual client’s unique background such as ethnicity, sex, language, migration experience and specific needs are taken into consideration in the provision of services within the mandate and the resources of the agency.
      • Empowering – Services should foster client independence in the new school environment. The client is encouraged and supported to make choices and to take responsibility for their actions.
      • Holistic – Service delivery recognizes the many dimensions of human need and aspiration. Community development, education, and advocacy are essential components for the success of the individual.
      • Accessible – Services are available to clients who meet the eligibility criteria. They are also provided a safe environment along with translation and interpretation as required.
      • Equitable and respectful – Services are provided in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of the clients without discrimination.
      • Accountable – Information is gathered on an ongoing basis to provide appropriate services to clients; services are monitored and evaluated regularly to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
      • Collaborate with Partnership – It is a partnership approach to recognize the important contribution our partners make. There is a need to foster and nurture partner relationships and to understand and adhere to each other’s organizational values.

The SWIS Professional Standards Guide builds upon these service standards and values by outlining the acceptable professional behaviour expected from SWIS staff working in the school environment.



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