What you need to know

Settlement services help you “settle” or adjust to your new life in Canada and are available in many languages. Most settlement services are free, though sometimes agencies will charge a fee for some services like a translation. You can find settlement services in settlement agencies, Newcomer Gateways, community centers and agencies, and schools. Settlement Workers In Schools (SWIS) can answer questions about living in Saskatchewan and can also help you understand your immigration process better. 

SWIS can help you to:

  • Find a school
  • Find a place to live
  • Find a family doctor
  • Get government-issued documents like a Social Insurance Number
  • Get a driver’s license
  • Get help with your immigration process


What is an immigrant, refugee, and newcomer person?

  What is a newcomer?

An immigrant or refugee who has been in Canada for a short time, usually less than 5 years is considered a newcomer. Newcomers have access to lots of services at settlement agencies, like language and immigration help.

 What is an immigrant?

An immigrant is someone who has moved from their country of origin (their homeland) to another country, to become a citizen of that country. Just visiting a country, even to work for a few months, does not make you an immigrant. Immigrants are people who live permanently somewhere other than their homeland.

 What is a refugee?

These are people needing protection who are escaping being persecuted in their homeland. This means that if they stay or return to their homeland, they will risk being tortured or killed. Refugees seek protection in safe countries like Canada.


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