About Us

The Settlement Workers In Schools [SWIS] is a school-based outreach program designed to help newcomer students and families settle in their elementary and high school of choice within their community of residence in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan SWIS Coordinator works with communities, settlement service providers, community organizations  towards facilitating the settlement process of newcomer families and to foster student academic achievement in relation to information and resources sharing as well as connection to support services in the school and the broader community.


SWIS seek to:

  • Support successful school integration by assisting in school registration, school orientation, parent/teacher interviews and meetings, home visits and follow-up meetings.
  • Provide information and guidance on educational issues to students and parents.
  • Collaborate with the school counselors and the community to provide practical, culturally sensitive guidance, referrals and intervention during crisis situations.
  • Advocate for the rights and responsibilities of all students and their families.¬†
  • Assess the needs of immigrant students and families in order to assist with their settlement
  • Refer students and their families to affordable programs and services in their community; programs such as; youth programs, health services, sports, summer programs, winter activities.
  • Encourage newcomer families to become involved in school events and community recreational activities.
  • Promote respect for cultural diversity by providing multi-cultural training to school personnel, parents, students, and the community regarding settlement challenges.

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