Featured Site: The Refugee System in Canada (Government of Canada)

The Refugee System in Canada

Featured Site - Government of Canada: The refugee system in Canada

The Government of Canada's site has a very important section in the Immigration and Citizenship portal. This section is titled "The refugee system in Canada" and is extremely informative and relevant. The content areas are as follows:

Refugee crisis: Hany’s story

 Hany’s story

Channel 4 - News: Refugee crisis: Hany's story

Hany Al Moliya never imagined he'd become a refugee. But three years ago, after members of his family were murdered in their homes, he and his remaiinng relatives fled the country.

SWIS introduces new slogan

Swis Slogan
SWIS introduce new slogan for their website ... Connection - Information - Collaboration

SWIS introduces a new slogan to identify the philosophy of their new website. Connecting newcomers in the province with important community resources, informing newcomers about the Canadian and regional school systems, collaborating with community organizations to support integration of newcomers.

SWIS introduces new logo


SWIS introduces new logo and new colour styles to create a new brand for the Saskatchewan Settlement Workers in Schools.